This is me.
I have been working in design for over 25 years, and during that time, I have been fortunate to work with great companies, clients, co-workers, and colleagues throughout the country. Working primarily as either art director or designer, I've also been known to take on the role of copywriter, production artist, traffic coordinator, photographer, and copy editor as needed. My approach leans toward clean, simple solutions; a deep respect for typography; and a tendency to follow my instincts. I live for the moment when all the pieces come together to create something that just feels right.
Most of my experience in the field has been self-taught—whether through design books, working with other designers, or simply by sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time. Straight from college with limited experience, I found homes in both print shops and design studios which I still look back on as being a very fortunate start for me. From lone graphic artist in a print shop, freelance designer, creative director in a mid-size studio, ad agency design director, president of the Nebraska chapter of AIGA, art director at both a West coast chamber of commerce and a small marketing firm in the Midwest, to my most recent positions as an independent design consultant in the Southeast and marketing coordinator for an event management company in San Francisco, it's definitely been quite an experience.

In the words of Rick Valicenti, “sometimes, love forces people to become graphic designers.” In my case, I couldn’t agree more. Even in times of frustration, I’ve come to realize that it’s usually the environment and not the profession that needs changing because I cannot imagine doing anything else. Design has taken me from Omaha to San Francisco to Kansas City to Raleigh to… wherever the wind—and passion—might take me next. You’ve gotta love a mobile profession like design!

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